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Keyboard Dreams

in Los Angeles, California

Through the sense of touch, keyboards connect us, transmitting our thoughts instantly across continents and enabling some of the greatest acts of human creation. They hail from the dawn of personal computing in the second half of the 20th century, a time of dizzying optimism—when it was still possible to imagine that a global digital network linking all of humanity would inevitably lead to a better tomorrow.

Norbauer designs are retro-futurist meditations on alternate history, for those of us who still long for that fading reverie. They come from a happy parallel 21st century, where computing equipment didn’t yield to cheap manufacturing methods and where our hopes for the promise of the personal computer endure. Join me on a wistful voyage of rediscovery: to a forgotten future, and the ultimate in computing luxury.

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“...a massive feat of engineering and a spectacle to behold...”
Material Journal
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노르바우어 (Norbauer in Korean)

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Ryan Norbauer



I endeavor to create, quite simply, the finest keyboards obtainable. My technical obsessions in this pursuit: sumptuous tactility, deeply satisfying acoustics, extraordinary materials, and expert finishing.

Each Norbauer is meticulously inspected, tuned, and assembled by hand at our keyboard laboratory in the birthplace of the personal computer: Silicon Valley, California. We spare no expense and take no shortcuts, because I believe the technical achievements of our craft must be worthy of this venerable device and all that its noble history represents.

“In addition to being physically flawless ...
truly beautiful, special objects.”
ExtremeTech magazine
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“A moment of exquisite joy and delight; easily one of the best
unboxing experiences I have ever had.”
dagdha —
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