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Client service

Happiness assured

My designs are meant to bring you joy. Take a week with any of my products and if it doesn't do it for you, I want you to send it back and permit me to refund your purchase (within reasonable terms). For my ready-to-type keyboards, I offer a generous warranty and long-term service. My designs are created to be repairable and user-maintainable over time.

Worldwide service

Transnationlism is an important part of my company's values, and I'm proud that around 40% of my clients are outside of the United States. To make the buying process easier for my international clients, I provide the option of customs prepayment, which avoids surprise fees on import. I also happily offer direct international air shipping options that typically take less than a week to arrive after leaving California.

Personal service

While I'm not always 24/7 online and it may occasionally take me a day or two to reply to an email, directly connecting with people interested in my work is very important to me. I've personally answered tens of thousands of emails from clients since my company's founding, and I cherish the many resulting friendships that have grown out of email correspondence with like-minded folks. Whether you're new to keyboards or deep into technical esoterica, I'll do whatever I can to help.