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Shipping Assurance

Protection against transit mishaps


For the rare possibility that your package is lost, damaged, or stolen on its way to you, we offer optional Shipping Assurance. If you purchased the correct level of Shipping Assurance (automatically offered at checkout) and one of the above happens, we will replace your order at our cost or, if we are unable to replace it, we will fully refund the original total.

For orders that opt out of Shipping Assurance, please note that, with apologies, we do not provide insurance, replacement, or reimbursement of any kind (beyond minimum carrier coverage) of items lost or damaged by carriers or of items stolen from your place of delivery. Those risks are assumed by the buyer for orders that opt out of Shipping Assurance.

Requirements and Details

Shipping Assurance covers transit only. Incidents are only covered while the package is on its way to you; the coverage period ends when an item is received by someone inside your destination address.

In order to be eligible for reimbursement for a stolen package, you must file a police report and provide us with a copy.

In order to be eligible for any reimbursement, you must be willing to accept an adult signature requirement (or, at our discretion, non-adult discretion signature confirmation) with your delivery from the carrier. We will determine whether to use these options based on the value of the order and its destination.

To be eligible for a damage claim reimbursement or replacement, you must return the damaged to us (at our expense).

Damage claims must be filed within 48 hours of the delivery time as reported by carrier tracking.