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Bumpons V1

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The V1-sized bumpons were used on the following Norbauer aftermarket housing designs:

  • Norbaforce Mark I
  • Norbaforce Mark II
  • Norbaforce Mark III
  • the Heavy-6
  • the Heavy-9
  • the Norbaforce Data Pad

The V1 bumpons offered in this listing use a special upgraded non-marring material by 3M. (An prior version used molded rubber, which we found could mark some surfaces.) The 3M material also has overall better performance.

For whatever it's worth, V2 bumpons are backwards-compatible. You can use V2 bumpons successfully on housings originally designed for V1 bumpons. However, V1 bumpons are not compatible with newer boards (such as the Heavy Grail, Norbaforce Mark IV, Seneca, etc.)

One strip includes five total bumpons.