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the Heavy-6

A Formidable Endgame for the FC660C

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Royal Wrinkle

Perhaps gravitas is a good term for it: an object that, by sheer virtue of its weight, commands respect and attention.

The Heavy-6 is my answer to the inherent density and compact nature of Leopold's beautiful FC660C keyboard. This housing aims, quite simply, to be the ultimate after-market upgrade for that widely esteemed keyboard.

Retro-industrial design

I leaned into a kind of mega-chamfered Brutalism on this design, which I feel suits the highly compact nature of the FC660C.

Side profile of Heavy-6 Heavy-6 logo badge

Design details

Rear cover weight

The Heavy-6 comes with a hefty and dense powder-coated steel rear cover plate. This greatly increases the overall weight of the board and also reduces acoustic reflections and sound transmission.

Motorsport with rear cover plate Aperture with rear cover plate

Logo badge

Each Heavy-6 includes a discreet metal, hand-enameled Portcullis maker's mark on the rear of the case, in a complementary color.

Heavy-6 logo badge closeup

Acoustic Dampener

An included merino wool felt acoutic dampener absorbs internal sound reflections.


The Heavy-6 introduced a new style of custom Norbauer packaging.

Heavy-6 packaging Heavy-6 with parts pack


Dimensions: 355mm long x 132mm wide x 29.1mm tall (22.6mm at front, in case you're making a wrist rest). Typing angle is 3 degrees, the same as on the FC660 itself.


The Heavy-6 is compatible with only the Leopold FC660C (not included) keyboard. It is also Hasu-controller compatible.

Nota bene

This is a DIY kit for keyboard tinkerers and hobbyists. It is an aftermarket upgrade housing and does not include the keyboard itself or keycaps (even though product images may show it with those for illustrative purposes). While the build isn't difficult, it does require taking apart your OEM keyboard. This may invalidate your keyboard warranty, and by purchasing you agree to take on that project and its results at your own risk. (But, of course, that's also part of the fun.) Of course, I'm always here to answer any questions by email if any arise during your install.