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the Norbaforce Keyring

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Polished Sterling Silver

These keyrings, which depict my popular Norbaforce keyboard in its singular Winkeyless variant, are handmade in New England (USA) by a small jewelry atelier that does work for some of the world's most well-known luxury brands.

Lost-wax casting

These pieces are created using the ancient technique of lost-wax casting and fabricated to the highest artistic standards, with each unit undergoing extensive manual work from casting to successive grinding, laser-filling, hand-polishing, and finishing.

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Materials and finishes

For the charm, choose between antiqued or polished tarnish-resistant sterling (solid) silver and a warmly colored jewelry-grade bronze. The rings themselves are all polished sterling silver.

All of the parts are solid, with no plating layer to wear down over time.


Bronze comes with a circular keyring, silver with a rounded rectangle. All have Norbauer & Co. logo and lettering on the rear face.


Charm 15.5mm x 43mm x 2.5mm

Round keyring outer diameter 28mm

Rounded-rectangle keyring length 34mm