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Norbaforce Mark II Breakout PCB Kit

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These kits supply necessary additional components to assemble a Norbaforce Mark II housing with a RealForce keyboard. You must select the type of PCB that is compatible with the family of Realforce products that your keyboard belongs to.

If your keyboard is any of the following, select the "87U family" PCB:

  • 86U
  • 87U
  • 88U
  • 89U
  • 91U

If your keyboard is a "Realforce RGB" or contains an "R2" at the beginning of its model number, select the "R2 family" PCB

These USB Mini breakout boards are only compatible with the Norbaforce Mark II and not with the Norbaforce Mark I. Both Norbaforces are only compatible with Tenkeyless (TKL) sized Realforces.

Included in the kit are additional parts needed for assembly of a Norbaforce Mark II, such as rubber bumpers and screws. The R2 kit includes washers, which are required to adapt the Norbaforce Mark II housing to the R2 plate.