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the Norbaforce Mark III: Ghost-of-Christmas-Future Edition

A limited holiday release

Sold out

This is a special icy (frosted polycarbonate) edition of my popular Norbaforce aftermarket housing for Realforce TKL keyboards.

Design and features

To learn more about the Norbaforce design and features, please refer to the listing for the metal editions here. This special Christmas edition is milled from a solid block of polycarbonate resin. Each is then hand-polished to full optical clarity before being finely frosted back to a matte finish with blast media. This preserves the ice-like translucency of the material and ensure optimal cosmetic uniformity of the surface.

Note that these boards have been upgraded from the original prototype (shown in the photo with the wreath background) to use a stainless steel—rather than clear polycarbonate—rear cover plate with a textured white powder coat, which enormously improves the acoustics and rigidity of the board.

Nota bene

This is a DIY kit for keyboard tinkerers and hobbyists. It is an aftermarket upgrade housing and does not include the keyboard itself or keycaps (even though product images may show it with those for illustrative purposes). While the build isn't difficult, it does require taking apart your OEM keyboard. This may invalidate your keyboard warranty, and by purchasing you agree to take on that project and its results at your own risk. (But, of course, that's also part of the fun.) Of course, I'm always here to answer any questions by email if any arise during your install.