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Norbaforce All-in-One Breakout PCB Kit

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This kit supplies the necessary additional components to assemble a Norbaforce Mark II or Mark III housing with a RealForce keyboard, one breakout PCB for the 87U and similar older Realforces and another breakout PCB for the newer R2 family. Both use USB Mini connectors.

All Norbaforces shipped in 2021 and later include this kit; it is no longer necessary to purchase this kit separately unless you would like extras.

It supports the following:

  • 86U
  • 87U
  • 88U
  • 89U
  • 91U
  • R2 TKL
  • R2 RGB TKL

These USB Mini breakout boards are only compatible with the Norbaforce Mark II and Norbaforce Mark III and not with the Norbaforce Mark I.

Included in the kit are additional parts needed for assembly of a Norbaforce Mark II or Mark III, such as rubber bumpers and screws. The R2 sub-kit includes washers, which are required to adapt the Norbaforce Mark II housing to the R2 plate.