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R&D 1973

Echoes of Computing History

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R&D 1973 is a minimalist Cherry MX-compatible keyset that subtly evokes the aesthetics of the first personal computers.

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Versatile neutral colors

Created for our forthcoming ready-to-type line of keyboards, the keyset's neutral colors (a neutral light gray and warm dark gray) are designed to be highly versatile across a wide range of material and finish pairings.

Esc and Enter key alternates are provided in both Norbauer pink and dark gray versions.

Elegant retrofuturist profile, Made in Germany

This is one of the first sets to be produced in the MTNU profile, which has a beautiful retrofuturist styling but with a relatively low profile that is more suitable to the proportions of Norbauer housing designs.

Expansive monokit

The offered monokit, as shown, supports a diversity of popular keycap layouts.