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the Norbaforce Midcentury Riser

A stately modernist residence for a Norbauer classic

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The Norbaforce Midcentury Riser provides a more luxurious and aesthetically satisfying alternative to the standard metal risers that ship with that housing. It is an upgrade accessory that can be used with all Norbaforce versions, including the current Mark IV.

Design and engineering

The riser is precision CNC machined out of solid walnut with an understated matte clear coat—very much in the style of midcentury modern interior furnishings. It took me years of prototyping and experimentation to get something that looked and felt just right: a very narrow and short lip extends around the perimeter of the housing, an intricate detail made as fine and narrow as possible to avoid detracting from the sleek retrofuturist profile of that is so characteristic of the Norbaforce. (It is vastly harder to machine and finish this way, but it makes all the difference.)

Your Norbaforce doesn't need to be modified in any way to fit into the riser. It is designed to contain and conceal the rubber bumpons at the base of the housing, so it's a simple matter of dropping your keyboard into place.

Opening up new ergonomic possibilities

An interesting side-effect of the Midcentury Riser is that it opens up the possibility now for reverse and six-degree typing angles with the Norbaforce. The reverse typing angle is available simply by rotating the platform 180 degrees. The six-degree typing angle can be achieved by combining it with the metal risers.