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the Keybrief TKL

The original luxury keyboard transport

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This keyboard carry brief was specifically designed to fit the Norbaforce and Norbatouch keyboards, but it is compatible with a wide range of TKL-sized keyboards.

Made in California.

The Keybrief TKL is made right here in California.

Community praise

The Norbauer bag is fucking awesome. There’s leather in all the right places. Padding where there needs to be. Small touches that scream quality. ... One hell of a nerd purse.
Beaker on Keebtalk
outrageously high quality
Captain Shwah on GeekHack

Product details

The Keybrief features a soft calfskin leather handle and piping, a water-resistant Cordura shell, closed-cell-foam padding around all faces, and a custom miniature Norbaforce keyboard as its zipper pull (cast at a high-end jewelry atelier in New England). The bag also has an interior zippered pocket for holding USB cables and/or tools, soft gray tech suede lining, seat-belt style webbing, polished nickel strap slider, and military-style snap hooks.

MOLLE modularity and number-pad bag

The brief features military-style MOLLE loops at the front for the modular and flexible attachment of accessories. The two smaller sets of dual loops are for small clip items like pens and flashlights. The larger matrix of MOLLE loops accomodates a wide range of third-party MOLLE bags and also the optional number-pad bag, which is designed to hold number pad keyboards such as the RealForce 23U, KMAC-Pad, and Filco TenKeyPad. (Those of us who prefer TKLs often view the optimal ergonomic set up to be a TKL keyboard at left, a mouse to the right of that, and a number pad to the right of the mouse.)

Num pad bag Num pad bag open

Hand-embroidered goldwork patch

The hand-embroidered patch at the front features my Portcullis maker's mark and is sewn directly to the bag. This style of metal-wire hand-embroidery is an ancient handicraft of India, which eventually made its way to Europe to become a traditional part of French and British military regalia and liturgical vestments.

Goldworkl patch

Two optional other patches are also available, representing the great dichotomy in high-end keyboard history.

Thock patch Click patch

Custom Zipper pulls

The custom zipper pulls were made by the same workshop that makes my Norbaforce precious-metal keyrings.

Custom zipper pull


Brief interior space approximately 42cm x 20cm x 6cm

Brief pocket approximately 34cm x 14cm

Numpad module interior space approximately 18cm x 14cm x 5cm