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the Seneca

Electro-capacitive Keyboard for the Ages

Coming soon

Arriving Summer 2024. Starting around $3400.

The Seneca is the first in my ready-to-type line of keyboards, monomaniacally built from the ground up entirely out of bespoke Norbauer components.

The product of years of research and engineering, patented innovations, and nearly a decade of passionate engagement deep within the keyboard community, the Seneca reexamines every assumption in the making of a commercial keyboard. Sparing no expense, I've optimized every corner of the Seneca in ways that no mass-market electronics product ever would. In my characteristically quixotic way, every choice has been made to optimize for joy, nostalgia, and magic.

The ready-to-type line, then, is my expression of the perfect typing experience. I'm building it not because technical perfection is what I care about, but because I feel this is the only way for a keyboard to be worthy of embodying the dreams about technology and the future that I think really make these devices matter.

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